Rencontres Littéraires

Rencontre littéraire and a book signing with Margaret Papillon
Hyatt Regency Miami
400 South East Second Avenue
Miami, FL 33131 Get directions
January 10, 2018- 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
In French – Free – Open to the public – RSVP required

Join us on January 10th, 2018 at the Pure Verde Lounge (Hyatt Regency Miami) for a special Rencontre Littéraire and book signing with Haitian and Miami-based author, Margaret Papillon.
Her last book “Fol Amour” is a book about love, death, and despair and how a young man will face the sudden death of his fiancee. Fol Amour takes place in Haiti in 1966 during the era of the Duvalier.

About Margaret Papillon
Margaret Papillon is a Haitian author based in Miami. Since 1987, she has written almost 30 books including books for the young public. In 1995, she decided to only concentrate her life on writing books as she has been successful since her first book in La Marginale. In 1999, she published her first book for the young public “La légende de Quesquiya” which is now in the program of Haitian schools.

P A S T   R E N C O N T R E S   L I T T E R A I R E S 

To listen (in French) to the conversation

Rencontre littéraire with Bernard Thomasson
August 9 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in downtown Miami.
In partnership with Le Centre de la Francophonie de la Floride et des Caraibes, we have welcomed famous French journalist and author, Bernard Thomasson.

About Bernard Thomasson
Bernard Thomasson is a French journalist; he is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief at France Info and he is the anchor of a radio program that gives the spotlight on culture and has also a dedicated program on the history of French cuisine.
He has published 4 books: Ma Petite Française (2011, éd. Le Seuil), Un été sans alcool (2014, éd. Le Seuil), 42 km 195 (2015, éd. Flammarion), Les Fantômes du 3ème étage (2017, éd. Le Seuil). 
He also is on the jury of poetry prizes including Nikos Gatsos, Prix Poésie de la Vocation and, Prix Méditerranée.
Bernard Thomasson is an avid sportsman who plays basketball and has run 18 marathons. 
His website (in French)