A mission

French Arts Associates acts as an accelerator for French arts professionals in the USA, and as a bridge-building helper for all arts professionals based in the United States.

French Arts Associates has created a network of arts professionals and provides inspired exchange between France and the US by creating opportunities to gather, learn from each other and build relationships.

We believe in the power of collaboration, in creating connections that break down the barriers.

French Arts Associates meetups provide a productive environment for collaboration through high-impact programming, informative sessions, and networking events, as well a way to work closely with the French Cultural Institutions and American Art organizations.

Arts professionals have a real need for being and evolving together. Organizing a strong and qualified network, including leading experts in the different fields of art professions, accessible by all the members to help start a dialogue will create opportunities and will be a powerful tool for those who want to settle in the USA.

The goal is to extend the concept to other cities in the US.

Do not hesitate to contact us: contact@frenchartsassociates.org